Ash Furnace Analysis

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Ash Furnace Analysis
  • Method Used
    Muffle Furnace
  • Accreditation
  • Standard Turnaround Time
    10 working days

Feras food and beverage testing capabilities can aid you in meeting regulatory requirements, especially those focused on food quality. The analysis of ash after burning is a key indicator of product quality. Through this analysis key quality control questions can be answered, allowing you to assess your ongoing manufacture or supply chain processes to ensure your products meet required specifications.

Through these inorganic elements, which are left behind after heating, the levels of a range of key quality indicators can be highlighted to give you a snapshot into the quality of your product samples.

Quality of wine is a key concern for many importers and retailers, as this can have a direct impact on consumer satisfaction and therefore demand for future wine products. The direct economic impact quality of wine has highlighted to industry the major requirement to safeguard wine quality across their produce.

Feras flexible methods make use of state-of-the-art technologies to assess a range of sample types. Our methods include dry ashing through our Muffle Furnace apparatus. We heat our samples within an oxidising atmosphere to allow us to assess the quality and provide detailed insight into your of your samples. The ash content is the measure of the residue remaining after the sample is dried before combustion in a muffle furnace between 500 and 550°C.

This analysis activity is focused on wine samples, yet our flexible methods allow us to analyse a range of different sample types and assess the quality of your foodstuffs. Contact us to discuss how Fera can meet your bespoke requirements.

Please contact us to discuss volume discounts.

Detail Specification

Standard Turnaround Time

10 working days

Method Used

Muffle Furnace


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