Alcoholic Strength by Volume

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Standard Price per sample £50.00
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Alcoholic Strength by Volume
  • Method Used
    Steam Distillation and Densitometry
  • Standard Turnaround Time
    10 working days

Fera’s food authenticity team can analyse alcoholic beverages to determine their alcoholic strength by volume, expressed as ‘% vol’ on product labels. Alcohol by volume (ABV) is a standard measure of how much ethanol is contained in a given volume of an alcoholic beverage, defined as the number of millilitres of pure ethanol present in 100 millilitres solution at 20 °C. This analysis can suit both beverages producers and retailers wishing to verify labelling claims.

It is a legal requirement for alcoholic beverages containing more than 1.2 % by volume of alcohol must to indicate the alcoholic strength on their label, denoted by ‘% vol’. The figure shall be given to not more than one decimal place. In certain cases, the figure shall be preceded by the word ‘alcohol’ or the abbreviation ‘alc.’. Fera’s analysis can determine the alcoholic strength by volume meeting the tolerance of 0.3% for beverages. Our scientists are experts in food authenticity, with years of experience developing methodologies and supporting industry.

In the EU there are some tolerances allowed in respect of the indication of the alcoholic strength by volume depending on the beverage. Our scientists are experts in current regulation, and can advise you on current limits if required, as well as undertaking tests to prove compliance. The tolerances currently allowed are as follows:

  • 1.5 % vol. for beverages containing macerated fruit or parts of plants.
  • 1 % vol.
    (I) for beers having an alcoholic strength exceeding 5.5 % vol.
    (II) beverages made from grapes classified under subheading 22.07 B I of the Common Customs Tariff,
    (III) ciders, perries and other similar fermented beverages produced from fruits other than grapes, and
    (IV) beverages based on fermented honey.
  • 0.5 % vol. for beers having an alcoholic strength not exceeding 5.5 % vol. and beverages made from grapes classified under subheading 22.07 B II of the Common Customs Tariff.
  • 0.3 % vol. for all other beverages.

Analysis can be used to determine the alcoholic strength of any alcoholic beverage, and can be used to verify products are true to label confirming the alcoholic strength lies within the tolerances permitted by regulation. Contact us to discuss your bespoke requirements.

Fera’s leading scientists analyse samples using steam distillation and densitometry, typically returning results within 10 working days of sample receipt.

Submitting your Sample

This test requires a minimum batch of 4 samples, from 100mL per sample.

When submitting your sample please include the food sample submission form to allow us to process your samples efficiently. Failure to send a sample submission form may result in a delay of your sample being tested.

Download the food sample submission form here.

Alcoholic Strength by Volume

Subtotal £200.00

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