Analysis of food and feed

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Analysis of food and feed
  • Method Used
    Real-Time PCR
  • Accreditation
    ISO 17025

The global increase in the demand for agricultural production has led to the increase in the cultivation of GM crops. As a result, there is an increase in the likelihood of GM products appearing in the food supply chain. Assessment of food and agricultural products for GM content has now become an essential process before a product enters into the global market place. Also, many customers want to know if they foods they consume contain any GM ingredients.

GM testing identifies presence and type of GMO in a product along every step of the food supply chain – from seed, through to processed foods and animal feeds.

This ensures compliance with the regulations authorising the use and labelling of genetically modified food and feed and controls the risk for unauthorised environmental release through cultivation.

Analysis of food and feed

Subtotal £494.00

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For more information on the services available please contact us - should link to a bespoke email set up for GM testing on MTU together with sample submission form.

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