Food Integrity

With increasing globalisation, our food supply chains are becoming increasingly complex, making them vulnerable to contamination or fraud.

Food Integrity

Our work helps to give consumers confidence in the food they eat and give the food industry protection for their brands and reputations. To achieve this, we take a holistic approach that integrates food safety, quality and authenticity.

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What we do:

National Reference Laboratory

As National Reference Laboratory, we provide world-leading food analytical science, proficiency testing and reference materials.

Providing solutions for emerging risks

Use non-targeted approaches and horizon scanning to identify and provide solutions for emerging risks.

Collaboration with partners

Work with partners to develop new capabilities to link bio-analytical findings with health effects, including nutrition, toxicology and endocrine disruption.

Smart surveillance

Integrate advanced technology, informatics and risk-based targeting to deliver smart surveillance systems.

Shared Capabilities

Share our capabilities in microbiology and genomics to deliver better control measures and address emerging challenges, including antimicrobial resistance.

Download our information sheet on ensuring the authenticity of Manuka honey:

Read more: download information sheet

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