Westminster Insight - The Future of Farming

Start Date20 March 2020 at 08:45:00 GMT
End Date20 March 2020 at 15:45:00 GMT
LocationCentral London, United Kingdom
Event TypeConference
TopicFuture of Farming
Fera AreAttending and Speaking

The Future of Farming - 20th March 2020

Westminster Insight’s timely Future of Farming Conference will unite key stakeholders, as you'll explore the policy landscape, the likely implications of Brexit and the Agriculture Bill. You will learn how new technologies, consumer trends and environmental concerns are impacting the farming community, and gain innovative approaches to a more progressive, profitable and sustainable environment for British farmers. Hear from Patrick Holden CBE, Director at Sustainable Foods Trust, who will offer practical solutions to harmonising agriculture and environmentalism to ensure we lower the carbon footprint. William Bain from the British Retail Consortium will explore how the UK can balance high farming standards with profitability and competitiveness with overseas markets. Experts from the sector will discuss the sustainability of current methods and progress towards a more sustainable system for farmers, as we’ll review the trend towards organic, ethically sourced and plant-based products, and the impacts on farmer’s production plans.


The sessions will bring out discussions on:

  • Improve Farmers Resilience: Become more resilient and adaptable in the face of frequent changes to the policy landscape
  • Explore the UKs Trading Relationships post-Brexit: Developing new markets for trade and understanding the produce requirements for new territories
  • Assess Changing Consumer Trends in the Food Sector: Reviewing market signals such as the rise of vegetarianism and veganism and identifying potential market disruptors such as lab-grown meat and insects as a source of protein
  • Harmonise Agriculture and Environmentalism: Understanding the Benefits of Sustainability to Farm Survival while Mitigating Business Risk
  • Harness Emerging Technologies to Increase Productivity: Understanding the economic benefits to the use of technologies such as robotics, GPS guidance, remote sensing and camera recognition

Dr. Andrew Swift, CEO, Fera Science, will be speaking at the Future of Farming on Harnessing Emerging Technologies to Increase Productivity. Covering the following;

  • Using technological advances to increase yields and maximise farming productivity
  • Utilising agricultural data to make forecasts and to encourage more calculated decisions in all aspects of their production, from product ordering to crop tending
  • Understanding the economic benefits to the use of technologies such as robotics, GPS guidance, remote sensing and camera recognition

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