SOFHT Innovation Day 2022

Start Date24 March 2022 at 08:00:00 GMT
End Date24 March 2022 at 16:00:00 GMT
LocationYork Biotech Campus, Sand Hutton, United Kingdom
Event TypeConference
TopicInnovation Day: bringing together food industry suppliers and services with innovative solutions that will be of interest to food manufacturers, retailers and other service providers.
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SOFHT Innovation Day 2022

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The Society of Food Hygiene and Technology (SOFHT) is an independent consortium of food industry specialists set up to keep members advised of the current hygiene and technology issues through providing technical support, training and topical information as well as a vital forum for networking and sharing best practice across the entire food chain.


SOFHT, in partnership with Fera Science, will be hosting an Innovation Day that will bring together food industry suppliers and services with innovative solutions that will be of interest to food manufacturers, retailers and other service providers.


The conference programme will provide information on innovation in cleaning and disinfection, food, microbiology, pest control, technology and training, in a mix of key presentations and breakout sessions enabling delegates to select those areas of special interest to their business needs.

In addition, there will be an exhibition giving delegates the opportunity to talk about the innovations presented with the suppliers and manufacturers.


Read below to find out more about our Food Safety ad Insect Industry Services we have to offer...


Authenticity Testing

With the food industry increasingly subject to scrutiny, testing to ensure compliance with food safety regulations, protecting public health and supporting traceability is a must

Food Packaging Analysis

Food contact materials testing is used worldwide to make sure that food is not contaminated by any of the products it comes into contact with. The term 'food contact material' describes any material that may come into contact with a foodstuff.

Food Safety Support Tools

Keeping food safe and secure as it moves through the supply chain has always been a concern within the food industry - To make good decisions in challenging times, food industry professionals need accurate information that’s current, insightful and accessible, be pro-active by using Fera's HorizonScan and BSI SCREEN's software system to keep you ahead of the game. Food recalls can cost millions of pounds and can devastate a company's reputation.

Shelf Life Testing

Our experts can develop and carry out a standard microbiological testing method to assess the bacterial content of food and beverage products as well as feed products to determine their use by date as well as associated hygiene or product practices.

Contaminant Testing

Our experts focus on the scientific research relating to intentionally added food components and to those arising from chemical changes during food processing, bioactive chemicals and natural toxicants.

Veterinary Medicine Residue Testing

The main objective of the team is to develop, validate, and implement improved methods for (a) detecting and (b) determining the fate of drugs residues (both veterinary and human) in food, feed and environmental samples.

Pesticide Residue Testing

Fera are the UK National Reference Laboratory (NRL) and have established a reputation for implementing new technologies, developing and validating new methodologies and extending the scope of existing methods in order to include new pesticide/matrix combinations across cereals and feeding stuff, fruits and vegetables & single residue methods. 



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