Recent Advances In Food Analysis - RAFA (2019)

Start Date5 November 2019 09:00:00 GMT
End Date8 November 2019 17:00:00 GMT
LocationClarion Congress Hotel Prague, Czech Republic
Event TypeConference
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RAFA 2019 – Recent Advances in Food Analysis

The scientific committee and the organisers of the 9th International Symposium on Recent Advances in Food Analysis (RAFA 2019) aim to prepare a balanced program with many top quality presentations followed by stimulating discussions, several satellite events, a large state-of-the-art exhibition and an attractive social program. Scientific contributions will be presented by leading scientists through keynote lectures and by contributed oral and poster presentations.

We are pleased to inform you that Martin and James from Fera will also be speaking.

Martin Rose – 6 Nov 2019


A virtual reference laboratory involving EU and Chinese scientists and technicians will be developed to showcase and demonstrate best practice and the state of the art in high quality food analysis. The EU-China-Safe project will develop a “twinning” model to establish a network of EU and Chinese laboratories, in order to align and harmonise the activities of these two complex networks.

By bringing together a powerful and unique combination of EURL, NRLs with complementary expertise. EU-China-Safe will enable the EU and China to work more closely together in harmonising a broad range of analytical methods. The virtual laboratory will benefit from modern communication (web based) and a common IT based platform in order to support a jointly operated method inventory including standard operation procedures, validation, quality control measures and laboratory web conferences for the selected best practice examples in authenticity testing and food safety analysis.

James Donarski – 6 Nov 2019

James Donarski, Fera Science Ltd, York, United Kingdom

Food fraud / authentication of food is no longer an emerging topic but represents a popular and wide ranging arena. Given the numerous types of foodstuffs and the variety of frauds that can be perpetrated, it is not surprising that the field has generated numerous methodologies using a variety of approaches to detect, prevent and deter fraud.

Through the lens of the future UK policy needs, the aim of this presentation is to: illustrate the current landscape of analytical tools and methods routinely used to verify food authenticity; assess their fitness for purpose; and explore how these methods may need to be refocussed or developed to respond to a changing landscape. It will also map the level of capability these tools provide in terms of covering needs to support food law enforcement, both now and in the future.

We assess existing tools available to verify UK protected food status within a global context (including Geographic indications, geographic origin and method of production). We also explore technological and analytical advances for their application in the protected food status area (verifying authenticity), and identify any gaps.

We will also present an overview of advances in data collection, sharing and curation; reference materials/markers, distributed ledger technology; and advances in digital platforms and their potential application to verify food provenance and authenticity to support food law enforcement.

We thank the UK Department of Environment, Food and Rural affairs for funding.

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