IUPAC International Congress 2019

Start Date19 May 2019 15:00:00 BST
End Date24 May 2019 12:20:00 BST
LocationInternational Convention Centre, Ghent, Belgium, Belgium
Event TypeConference
TopicCrop Protection: Education of the Future Generation
Fera AreAttending and Exhibiting

Come and see us on stand 43 at IUPAC 2019,

International Convention Centre, Ghent, Belgium

For more than 60 years, crop health experts have been sharing their expertise and discussing emerging issues of global significance in agriculture at the IUPAC conferences. For the first time ever, the 14th International IUPAC Conference of Crop Protection will be a conjoined event with the European Crop Protection Association (ECPA) and the International Symposium of Crop Protection (ISCP). The overall conference theme will be 'Crop Protection: Education of the Future Generation', view the event programme here

Fera Science will be attending IUPAC at the International Convention Centre (ICC), Ghent, Belgium on 19th to 24th May 2019. Andrew McEwen, Strategic Business Development at Fera Science, will be presenting his poster titled 'Use of MALDI imaging to assess the distribution of pesticides in the honeybee.' Don't miss it - register for your place at IUPAC 2019 today.

At IUPAC we will also be sharing an update on the recently opened E-Flows Mesocosm facility based in Sand Hutton, York.

E-FLOWS is The Edge-of-Field Waterbody Safety Assessment Facility - The First Fully Flow-through Field Scale Mesocosm

As Plant Protection Products are developed and registered, there is a need to ensure that they are safe for the aquatic environment. The new E-Flows mesocosm provides a unique test-bed to provide robust data to demonstrate safety. 

The E-Flows mesocosm is a ground-breaking project by the Centre for Crop Health and Protection (CHAP), supported by Innovate UK and developed, designed, managed & operated by Fera. The project will deliver a facility that is a realistic, but closely controlled, facsimile of edge-of-field waterbodies that can be exposed to plant protection products in real-world scenarios to ensure the safety of our aquatic habitats. This unique facility represents a leap forward in the support of Aquatic Higher Tier Risk Assessments. 

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