Next Steps for Food Regulation in the UK Seminar

Start Date4 June 2019 at 09:00:00 BST
End Date4 June 2019 at 13:00:00 BST
LocationCentral London, United Kingdom
Event TypeConference
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Next steps for food regulation in the UK - adapting to the new regulatory framework and priorities post-Brexit


Heather Hancock, Chair, Food Standards Agency


Dr Camilla Alexander-White, Royal Society of Chemistry; Ian Andrews, Royal Borough of Greenwich; Jim Cathcart, UKHospitality; Dr Chris Kebbell, New Zealand High Commission London; Tony Lewis, Royal Agriculture University; Susan MacDonald, Fera Science; Geoff Ogle, Food Standards Scotland; Katrina Walsh, The International Meat Trade Association and Dominic Watkins, DWF

Chaired by:

Dr David Drew MP, Shadow Minister, Environment, Food and Rural Affairs

This conference examines key issues for the future of food regulation across the UK - and includes a keynote address from Heather Hancock, Chair, Food Standards Agency.


Adapting to a new regulatory framework - implementation to date

Delegates will assess the ongoing implementation of the Food Standards Agency’s (FSA) Regulating Our Future (ROF) programme - which aims to modernise the regulatory system for food to improve flexibility and the ability to respond to technological change, and cater for an evolving and increasingly diverse sector.


Sessions bring out discussion on:

  • Local responsibilities, powers and resources;
  • Impact on environmental health professionals, including accreditation;
  • Issues for businesses - evidence of compliance, data sharing and online registration;
  • Rapid response - surveillance, horizon scanning and traceability; and
  • Consumer engagement - confidence in UK food supply chains, composition and safety of food.


Priorities going forward

Delegates will also look ahead to next steps for implementation in light of updated priorities outlined by the FSA including:

  • The scaling up of online food business registration;
  • Moving towards a risk-based approach to regulation with the segmenting of food businesses;
  • Changing the regulatory relationship between businesses and local authorities through the Primary Authority National Inspection Strategy;
  • Examining the future funding model for food regulation; and
  • Developing a framework for the statutory food hygiene scheme in England.


The impact of Brexit on food regulation

Further discussion focuses on the future relationship with food regulation in Europe and beyond, looking at the potential impact of Brexit on food regulatory systems, and the supply chain, as well as the outlook for new markets - the impact of any future trade deals on food standards, and next steps for policy.

We also expect discussion on plans for replacement of risk functions currently undertaken by the European Commission and the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA), as the FSA has consulted on potential amendments to food and animal feed law.


Susan MacDonald, a Science Lead in Mycotoxins & Natural Toxins here at Fera, will be speaking at the Westminster Food & Nutrition Forum Keynote seminar: Next Steps for Food Regulation in the UK. Susan leads our experienced Mycotoxin team, who are the UK National Reference Laboratory for Mycotoxins and Plant Toxins in Food and Feed. Fera has extensive knowledge in the analysis of mycotxins in food, feed and food crops.

For more information about our work as the National Reference Laboratory, click the link below:

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