Join us at Crop Innovations and Regulations

Start Date5 September 2018 08:00:00 BST
End Date6 September 2018 17:00:00 BST
LocationCCIB, Willy Brandt Square 11-14, Barcelona, Spain
Event TypeConference
TopicCrop Health
Fera AreAttending, Exhibiting, and Speaking

Join us on stand 14 at the Crop Innovations and Regulations Event, 

Barcelona, Spain

More than just a chemical regulation conference; it is the meeting place for regulatory, registration, human health, toxicology and product stewardship professionals across the chemical industry looking to create new business opportunities and hear the most complete and up-to-date coverage of European regulations on chemicals. CIR is as much a networking event as a scientific exchange of ideas which draws people together who wish to make a difference. 

As part of this year's event Fera will be updating our fellow colleagues and peers on the E-Flows facility based at Sand Hutton in York.

Dr Rachel Benstead, Senior Aquatic Ecotoxicologist at Fera Science, will be presenting her abstract on the E-Flows mesocosm on Wednesday 5th September at 11.15am. She will be focusing on, the configuration and capabilities of the E-Flows mesocosm, a proposal for validating the exposure scenarios and finally she will be discussing what is useful and relevant for regulation.

Dr Andrew McEwen, Strategic Business Development Manager at Fera Science, is also confirmed to speak on 6th September at 3pm and will be presenting his abstract titled My Family and Other Animals: Comparative Requirements for Human and Animal Metabolism Studies. 

E-Flows is The Edge-of-Field Waterbody Safety Assessment Facility - The First Fully Flow-through Field Scale Mesocosm

mesocosm - outdoor experimental system of ponds and streams

CHAPs Edge-of-field Waterbody Safety Assessment Facility (E-Flows), supported by Innovate UK and developed, designed, managed & operated by Fera is to be a state of the art mesocosm providing a realistic test bed for higher tier regulatory risk assessment. The E-Flows mesocosm will be the first fully flow-through mesocosm exposure facility in Europe giving access to multiple fully flow-through streams at a field scale, which can safely receive compounds at the rates predicted to occur in the environment by models. The mesocosm will have the capability to perform controlled pulse doses for accurate realistic-to-worst-case exposures. It will have sufficient replication to reduce variation and produce reportable data against minimum detectable differences for statistical robustness and will be continuously supplied with high grade ground water, set in a high diversity wetland to ensure sufficient diversity and allow eco-recovery.

Take a look at our latest Mesocosm photos

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