Crop R&D

Research and monitoring services to provide evidence, solutions and advice on controlling pests and diseases in agriculture, horticulture and forestry.

Crop R&D

Pests and diseases present a major challenge to both agriculture and our natural environment, with around one third of the global harvest lost to weeds, pests and diseases every year.

Fera provides a host of targeted research and development services to help governments, policymakers, agricultural and horticultural businesses, farmers and growers tackle these threats. Our scientific expertise and research services cover the identification, risk assessment, monitoring and control of the key pests and pathogens affecting crops and plants (both quarantine and non-quarantine).

Our work on plant diseases includes surveillance and risk forecasting, supported by our expertise in epidemiology, pathogen and disease identification and molecular diagnosis – helping to protect crops and the environment from disease threats.

In pest research and development, our work covers insects, mites, slugs and nematodes. Our specialists can help you to detect, identify and control pests in growing crops and stored produce, as well as supporting the development of novel biological and chemical pesticides.


Fera has vast experience of preparing and submitting REACH and BPR dossiers to the European Chemicals Agency (ECHA).