Soil Testing

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Soil Testing

Soil Health, Pathogen Disease and Potato Testing

Fera's Soil Health Unit

Fera has established the Soil Health Unit to improve understanding of soil management and its effects on crop health and threat control. Our work involves investigating the interactions between soil condition, crops, water and biotic stress – and the environmental factors that influence them.

Soil testing enables more precision farming practices to be delivered as it helps farmers and agronomists to understand the biological diversity of soils in relation to both plant health and productivity.

With increased restrictions on pesticides, the lack of new active ingredients coming onto the market and increased pesticide resistance, finding ways to reduce treatment applications can save time and money for farmers but also minimises selection pressure on the pathogens.

Fera has been working to offer a suite of direct soil tests that will allow farmers to understand the levels and distribution of pathogens in the field and anticipate the risk of disease before planting the next crop.

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Potato Testing

Informed agronomy decisions can boost a grower’s profitability through reducing the costs and/or increasing the overall output.  Influencers and decision makers must be able to access the best information about their crop and that starts with Integrated Crop Management.  Fera Science Ltd offers a unique service to growers and advisors which targets soil and crop health, as well as nematode and insect monitoring.  Understanding the health of the crop and the environment impacting it can mean the difference between success and failure e.g. changing the rotation, correct varietal choice, efficient pesticide application. The ICM can be tailored to suit a grower and advisor requirements so get in touch for further information. 

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