Blackcurrant reversion virus

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Blackcurrant reversion virus
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The virus causes significant reduction in fruit yield. Diagnosis based on leaf symptoms is made difficult by the natural morphology of the leaves, however accurate early diagnosis is important due to the difficulty in controlling the vector and the need to stop the spread of the virus between the bushes.

Blackcurrant reversion virus is so named from the changes in the leaves causing the plant to appear to revert to that of a wild type. Other symptoms of blackcurrant revision include reduced vigour and overall fruit yields diminishing

When sending plant pathogens and invertebrate samples from outside England and Wales for testing please email the Crop health team ( who will issue you with the relevant Letter of Authority to ensure your samples are not delayed upon entry to the UK.

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Method Used

TaqMan® PCR assay

Sample Information

Symptomatic leaves/plant



Turnaround Time

10 working days

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