Angular leaf spot (Xanthomonas fragariae) - Option 2

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Angular leaf spot (<em>Xanthomonas fragariae</em>) - Option 2
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The disease is favoured by cold, wet conditions, so often is more apparent in years when spring temperatures are cool. The bacteria can spread by splashing of water droplets, so overhead irrigation frequently for frost protection can make the problem worse.

Symptoms can vary depending on the variety, weather conditions, and time of year. Lesions are usually confined by the small veins of the leaf and infected areas appear lighter in color when leaf is held up to the light. As infected areas accrue, blocks of damage tissue dies and turns a brown or reddish-brown colour.

This test gives 95% confidence of finding a 1% infection/infestation in stocks totalling over 1500 plants.

A latent test for a bacterial disease affecting strawberries caused by Xanthomonas fragariae on up to 50 micropropagated plants or rooted plantlets.

When sending plant pathogens and invertebrate samples from outside England and Wales for testing please email the Crop health team ( who will issue you with the relevant Letter of Authority to ensure your samples are not delayed upon entry to the UK.

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Angular leaf spot (Xanthomonas fragariae) - Option 2

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