Invertebrate Pest Management R&D

  • Fera provides world-leading research to help industry and government develop practical solutions to the key invertebrate pest challenges facing agriculture, horticulture and forestry.
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Invertebrate Pest Management R&D

Our expertise covers pest species including insects, mites, slugs and nematodes. Our specialists can help you to detect, identify, monitor and control pests in growing crops and stored produce. Our work also includes research on pests, such as house flies, blow flies, midges and parasitic mites, as well as supporting the development of novel biological and chemical pesticides.

If you are developing new pest control measures, our team has the expertise to support you every step of the way – from early stage pre-commercialisation research, through to preparing registration dossiers and product stewardship. Our interdisciplinary approach and access to specialist facilities enable us to adapt our research to meet the specific requirements of your project.

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  • Develop practical solutions to tackle agricultural, horticultural and forestry pests
  • Support for new chemical and biological pesticide development
  • Development of integrated pest-management strategies
  • Research on the monitoring and control of mites and nuisance insects

Invertebrate pest R&D services

Fera provides research and development services for a wide range of government departments and authorities, as well as commercial businesses, farmers and growers. Our research capabilities include:

Developing novel control methods for invertebrate pests

Research and development into novel pesticide targets and delivery systems, including hormones and receptors, parasitic wasp venoms, enhanced biological control by immune suppression, modifying reproductive behaviour, fusion proteins for enhanced oral uptake, novel toxins and RNA-interference (RNAi).

Developing new chemical and biological pesticides

Efficacy evaluation and development of insecticides, acaricides, molluscicides and adjuvants.

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Developing integrated pest-management strategies for UK, European and invasive pest species

Strategies to tackle both indigenous and non-indigenous pests of agriculture, horticulture, tree and bee health importance, including improved monitoring, evaluation of non-chemical control techniques, natural enemies and ecosystem management.

Mite services and nuisance insects

Research and development, commercial monitoring services and strategic advice covering a range of mite-borne and insect nuisance problems, including storage and allergenic mites of food processing, stored products, animal feed stocks and habitation.

Biology and behaviour research

Understanding the biology and behaviour of key invertebrate pest species to advise on policy and control strategies.

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