Insect Monitoring

  • The Fera insect monitoring service helps growers to target insecticide applications more accurately to reduce costs and waste, optimise resources and improve yields.
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Insect Monitoring

These services are used by oilseed rape, seed potato, carrot, salad and pea growers across the UK to mitigate risks from insects pests and to adopt a more targeted approach to pest management.

  • Demonstrate good quality and environmental management to customers.
  • Save time and money with more targeted insecticide applications.
  • Optimise resources and increase crop yield and quality.
  • Target crop management to reduce virus transmission and insecticide resistance.

Risks to Oilseed rape (OSR)

Each year up to 76% of the OSR crop is affected by cabbage stem flea beetle (CSFB) damage. The estimated average yield loss of the area affected is about 1%, but can be much higher. The cost of additional pyrethroid sprays is estimated to be more than £9.5 million nationally.

Risks to seed potatoes, vegetables and salads

Potato viruses Y and A (PVY and PVA) are serious threats to the quality of seed potatoes. About 40 aphid species transmit PVY and PVA with varying efficiency. The presence of aphids and aphid virus transmission are also a problem for vegetable and salad growers. Aphid-transmitted viruses can be particularly problematic in carrot crops.

Storage Mites Detection

Storage mites are a significant pest for the food and feed industries, capable of infesting a wide variety of commodities, especially those based on cereals and oilseeds, but also dried fruits, nuts, seeds, cheese and fungi. Fera's mite trap is specifically designed for monitoring of storage mite pests.

The Flotation Test can identify contaminating matter of animal origin (e.g. whole or fragmented mites and insects, or rodent hairs) in a wide range of food, feed, veterinary and dust samples. It is the single and most effective method of confirming the presence of mites in commodities, and easily differentiates between dead and live mites.

Insect monitoring services inform better decision-making

By using our insect monitoring services to assess potential virus-transmitting aphids and CSFB adults flying into crops in autumn, you can make well-informed decisions about when to spray your crops. We supply complete yellow water trap kits for you to use, and provide results quickly so you can make timely agronomic decisions including how and when to treat your crop.

Insect Monitoring Order Forms

There are specific order forms for some crops, Oilseed Rape (OSR), Carrots and Parsnips. For other crops please use the general order from.

Please note that samples cannot be processed until we have received a completed and signed order form.

Yellow Water Trap Image

Yellow water traps

Simply complete an order form and we will send you all the equipment required, including water trap, sample pots and return envelopes. It takes just a few minutes to collect the sample.

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