Strawberry black spot (Collectotrichum acutatum) in plants (Non-symptomatic)

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Strawberry black spot <em>(Collectotrichum acutatum)</em> in plants (Non-symptomatic)
  • Method Used
  • Standard Turnaround Time
    10-14 working days

Plants infected become stunted with less growth and smaller fruit.

This test is for screening non-symptomatic specimens to confirm/exclude the presence of strawberry black spot within your sample.

The test requires the oldest living petiole taken from 300 plants. They should ideally be 2-3cm long from the base. (Samples with petioles longer than 2-3cm or with the leaf still attached may incur an extra preparation charge).

When sending plant pathogens and invertebrate samples from outside England and Wales for testing please email the Crop health team ([email protected]) who will issue you with the relevant Letter of Authority to ensure your samples are not delayed upon entry to the UK.

Detail Specification

Standard Turnaround Time

10-14 working days

Method Used


LOD (limit of detection)




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Strawberry black spot (Collectotrichum acutatum) in plants (Non-symptomatic)

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