Diagnose my Fungal Problem

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Diagnose my Fungal Problem
  • Method Used
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  • Standard Turnaround Time
    14 working days

This test is for symptomatic/diseased plants to confirm the presence of a primary fungal pathogen within your sample. This test involves a visual examination of the plants for the signs and symptoms of a fungal problem and; if necessary, could also include incubation and isolation to induce sporulation of any fungi present.

This test is appropriate to check for the presence of a wide range of fungal problems such as;

Box blight, Honey fungus, Take-All, Black root rot, Potato blight, Pink rot, Fusarium dry rot, Gangrene, Water wound rot, rubber rot, Common scab, Black dot, Silver scurf, Skin spot, Downy mildew, Powdery mildew, cankers and fungal leafspots.

In the event of more than one probable cause (e.g. bacterial and fungal) or further specific testing being required we will contact you to discuss any additional work and costs.

We will report back to you within 14 working days of receiving your sample, giving our initial examination findings and if appropriate, a time-scale for completion of the work.

Bespoke tests are available on request, please contact us on +44 (0)300 100 0322 or via the Crop health team: crophealth@fera.co.uk

A 'sample' is defined as a unique unit sent in for examination of the same problem. A unit can be a single item (plant, plant part, soil, etc.), or multiple items of the same variety, taken from the same location and exhibiting the same problem. In the case of plants or produce, a sample should comprise 2 or 3 items showing a range of symptoms along with a couple of healthy looking items for comparison. Entirely dead material should not be submitted for testing.

When sending plant pathogens and invertebrate samples from outside England and Wales for testing please email the Crop health team (crophealth@fera.co.uk) who will issue you with the relevant Letter of Authority to ensure your samples are not delayed upon entry to the UK.

Please contact us to discuss volume discounts.

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Standard Turnaround Time

14 working days

Parameters tested


Method Used


Diagnose my Fungal Problem

Subtotal £125.00

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