• Homologa is a database of global pesticide approvals and maximum residue levels (MRLs) – available for you to access online with an annual subscription.
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Homologa™ provides the essential information required by food growers, importers, exporters, producers, retailers, laboratories and regulators to support strategic business decisions and ensure compliance with prevailing regulatory frameworks.

With tailored access for your specific crop/country requirements, you can find the answers to questions such as: which pesticides are approved for use in each country? What MRLs apply when importing specific produce? What is the harvest interval for produce treated with a specific pesticide?

The Homologa™ database covers approvals for 70 countries and MRLs for 45 countries, with more being added all the time. The main sources of information are in-country government ministries, and the database is regularly updated with country-specific approvals and MRLs.

Our Capabilities
  • Save time and resources with instant access to global regulatory data
  • Search online for expired and registered crop-protection products and MRLs
  • Access product label information for many countries and companies
  • Get automatic alerts for new registrations and MRLs via email

Global crop protection database

Homologa™ provides password-protected access to data on:

  • Registration status of active ingredients at EU-level.
  • Actual status of registration (new, expired and/or last use date).
  • Maximum Residue Levels (MRLs) in foodstuffs.
  • Approved plant-protection products for each country (including national product name, registration number, company name, active ingredients, concentration, formulation, product group, crop name, pest name, method of application, time of application, dose rates, pre-harvest-intervals and, for some countries: risk phrases, symbols and environmental phrases).
  • Approved parallel imports.
  • New and modified MRLs.
  • Export/import statistics of food and ornamentals.

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