Grower Support Tools

Services, technology and databases to help growers optimise resource and pesticide use while maximising quality, margins and yield.

Grower Support Tools

To help the agricultural industry produce more crops to feed an ever-growing population more efficiently, while using fewer resources and pesticides, Fera has developed a range of services, online databases and technology to support farmers and growers.

Making the right decisions about pesticide use and treatment practices relies on having the right information at your fingertips. Through our range of in-field testing facilities, pest and disease information services and online databases, we give farmers and growers the tools and data they need to work more efficiently, minimise waste and improve yields.

Our secure online databases provide vital information for all participants in the food supply chain, from importers and exporters to retailers, testing laboratories and regulators. Data is drawn from a huge range of sources, bringing together disparate information on approved pesticides, maximum residue levels (MRLs) and labelling requirements into easily accessible online resources.



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