Post Market Stewardship

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Post Market Stewardship

Post-market monitoring and environmental stewardship are essential in the lifecycle of any regulated agrochemical product. It’s important that you have strategies in place to monitor the safety of your products over the long term, along with action plans to minimise risks.

Our scientists understand that detecting, assessing and preventing any adverse environmental effects are vital to the success of your regulated product. We can help you to monitor environmental incidents relating to your products, assess risks, identify opportunities and even redevelop your products in response to changing external factors and risks.

Using the data collected as part of the pesticide usage surveys it is possible to monitor change in use of specific active substances over time, to include crop level data, area treated, timing and rates of application. This data can therefore be beneficial in evaluating the impact of product stewardship.

With our analytical capabilities, vast databases of information and more than 600 research projects each year, we have the resources and knowledge to support all your post-market stewardship activities and obligations.


The WIU investigates around 150 cases, and over a third of these will be attributed to pesticides. In many cases, the pesticides have not been correctly used, the WIU team can provide expert witness statements.


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