Introducing our new state-of-the-art aquatic laboratory

  • Find out how our new state-of-the-art aquatic laboratory, combined with more than 20 years of expertise in a wide range of study types on water quality and aquatic life can help you.
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Introducing our new state-of-the-art aquatic laboratory

Putting you in control to simulate true to life scenarios for more accurate data results:

The facility provides a total of 13 test rigs, test rings hold variable numbers of test units depending on the water volume required,  housed in three holding rooms with programmable temperatures and lighting regimes

The facility is designed to hold a range of native cold water and non-native warm water fish species that are routinely used in regulatory testing

Each of the three holding rooms is serviced by a dedicated plant room which can supply conditioned dechlorinated or purpose built water via either flow-through or recirculating distribution.

Studies can be conducted as static - no renewal of test medium, semi-static – renewal of the test media as appropriate to maintain the test concentration or flow through with fresh medium being constantly supplied to the test vessels 

Fera has the best people in the right place focussed on delivering the right solution. We continuously invest in our people and support them in delivering the best science to our partners.
Osama Chahrour

Gordon Turnbull

Gordon works on the detection and measurement of herbicide, pesticide, veterinary medicine and other chemical residues.  As a GLP study director, Gordon has conducted a wide range of studies including method development and validation, the analysis of crops and animal tissues, and environmental risk assessment studies using both radiolabelled and non-radiolabelled chemical substances.

Meet the scientists

Steve Mattock

Steve is the Head of the Ecotoxicology group at Fera. Steve has over 22 years practical experience of conducting ecotoxicology studies in both industry and contract research laboratories. In addition, he has also spent over 15 years working as an environmental risk assessor preparing ecotoxicology risk assessments for plant protection products, biocides and REACH related registrations.

Chris Sinclair

Chris Sinclair

Chris is an expert in regulatory environmental risk assessment processes, registration requirements and guidance for pharmaceuticals, veterinary medicines and pesticides, with over 15 years experience. He also leads on the ecotoxicology of chemicals (quantifying the impact chemicals have on terrestrial and aquatic organisms from earthworms and plants to fish and crustaceans). 

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