Livestock Metabolism and Residue Studies

  • Fera is your perfect partner for GLP compliant livestock metabolism and residue studies with radiolabelled and non-radiolabelled chemicals. Investigations into absorption and excretion can also be included in such studies.
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Livestock Metabolism and Residue Studies

Veterinary medicine:

  • VICH GL 46 – Metabolism and residue kinetics.
  • VICH GL 47 – Laboratory animal comparative metabolism.
  • VICH GL 48 – Marker residue depletion.

Feed additives

  • EFSA guidance for establishing the safety of additives for the consumer.

Services and capabilities

Livestock facilities

Our ability to use commercial farm scale trials, environmental risk assessments and both laboratory and field studies allows us to work with most livestock species. Such livestock include cattle, sheep, goats, pigs, rabbits and poultry.

Radio-analytical capability

We use radio-HPLC, radio-LC-MS/MS, radio-TLC, LSC, bio-imaging and combustion analysis to quantify residues and identify metabolites.

Read more about our 'Lab to Livestock' research partnership:

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Target chemical analysis

As the UK National Reference Laboratory for veterinary medicines, and with more than 50 mass spectrometers on site, we offer a comprehensive analytical capability for target-compound analysis.

Metabolite identification capability

We can isolate, analyse and identify metabolites generated during studies. Instrumentation available includes NMR, LC-Tof, LC-Qtof and LC-Orbitrap.

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Why choose Fera?

  • Capability

    We have the capacity to deliver with 4km of lab benching and 350 scientists analysing over 100,000 samples per year

  • Bespoke Studies

    We can work with you to understand your requirements and design bespoke studies to address these

  • High-tech solutions

    We use a combination of state of the art LC-MS/MS triple quadrupole instruments; radiochemistry and test item application techniques to ensure that experimental studies generate relevant and valid data

  • We have scientific heritage that stretches back over 100 years

    We have the scientific expertise to perform industry leading research

Why choose Fera?

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