Environmental Fate

  • Environmental fate studies are key to providing the data required by chemical companies to complete thorough environmental risk assessments (ERA)
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Environmental Fate

Environmental fate studies are key to providing the data required by chemical companies to complete thorough environmental risk assessments (ERA). They provide information on the fate and behaviour of chemical products in the environment, and contribute to the determination of the risk posed to human and environmental health. Our services and expertise provide essential support on your road to successful product registrations and ongoing due diligence – whether for pesticides, veterinary medicines, pharmaceuticals or industrial chemicals. We’re committed to helping clients get more products to market with investment in our people and more efficient equipment to provide bespoke and innovative solutions.


Fera has vast experience of preparing and submitting REACH and BPR dossiers to the European Chemicals Agency (ECHA).


Our scientific and technical expertise, combined with our state-of-the-art laboratory facilities, enable us to complete detailed studies using both radiolabelled and non-radiolabelled test items and substances. As more parent-associated metabolite fate studies become necessary, we can offer the entire spectrum of laboratory and higher-tier environmental fate studies.

We also offer a range of bespoke studies, which meet regulatory requirements. We can tailor the design of standard recognised regulatory studies to meet your specific objectives. Our scientists will work with you to understand the requirements of your ERA, and can amend the test matrix, design and analysis to suit the analyte in question. Our expert team supports you through the entire regulatory process, from answering questions about compound formulation to fielding regulator queries on submitted risk assessments.

GLP-compliant laboratories

Our laboratories are equipped with state-of-the-art facilities that enable cost-effective GLP-compliant environmental fate studies to be performed, in line with all regulatory requirements, including:

  • Laboratory (GLP) analytical services for agrochemicals, REACH, and veterinary medicinal products.
  • Laboratory studies with radio-labelled and non-radiolabelled chemicals.
  • Batch sorption, including aged sorption and column leaching studies according to OECD guidelines, as well as parameter estimation.
  • Soil, water-sediment and manure/slurry biodegradation studies, including estimation of degradation parameters and endpoints.
  • Hard (man-made) surfaces fate studies, including lab-scale sorption, wash-off and field monitoring studies.
  • Design, interpretation and analysis of lysimeter, field leaching, field dissipation and environmental (e.g. groundwater) monitoring studies.

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