Efficacy screening for new plant-protection products


Fera provides efficacy screening services to help you successfully patent and register new pesticide and other plant-protection compounds. Our scientists will test the efficacy of your compounds under controlled conditions on a wide range of plant pest, pathogen and weed species.

Successful product registration relies on robust efficacy testing, you can rely on Fera to provide data across all stages of screening to support you with early product registration. Fera offers all the scientific expertise you need to assess and demonstrate the efficacy of your products.

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  • Screening of compounds for efficacy against a wide range of plant pest, pathogen and weed species
  • Support for registration of new pesticide compounds and novel control methods
  • Clear, comprehensive reporting to support patent applications
  • Tests carried out in state of the art facilities by experienced scientists

Fera's efficacy screening services

Fera offers a multi stage efficacy screening approach for plant-protection products and control methods.

Primary screen

Compounds for primary screening can be tested against:

  • Fungal plant pathogens
  • Nematodes
  • Insects and mites
  • Weeds

A wide range of laboratory based primary screen tests are available for each of the above pest areas which allows us to customise testing according to your needs.

Secondary screen

Where compound efficacy has been demonstrated in the primary screen compounds are assessed in a secondary screen.

Secondary screening tests are carried out in planta either in a glasshouse or controlled environment room.

As with the primary screen a wide range of secondary screens are available which allows us to customise testing according to your needs.

Tertiary screen

For compounds that demonstrate efficacy in secondary screening small plot trials can be carried out to demonstrate compound field activity.

Quaternary screen

Quaternary screening studies are tailored for each compound, based on previous screening results and evidence. Studies will be designed to deliver in-silico evaluation of compounds to support the chemical synthesis programme, or to determine likely regulatory issues such as toxicology or ecotoxicology.

For more information on any of our screening services, please get in touch.

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