Terrestrial Non-Target Plant

  • Our tests assess the potential effects of your products on seedling emergence and early growth, the effects on above-ground growth and on the soil, to determine any impacts on the reproductive capability of higher plants.
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Terrestrial Non-Target Plant

To help you assess the effects of your plant-protection or veterinary medicine products on non-target plant species, Fera offers a range of robust non target terrestrial plant studies to support your product development work.

Our scientists have extensive experience in conducting studies with these non-target plants under laboratory, glasshouse or semi-field conditions. All studies are carried out in line with current international guidelines and guidance documents, and we can adapt our services to provide bespoke tests that meet your specific data requirements.

Our services

  • Test the impact of products on non-target plant species
  • OECD standard test on seedling growth and vegetative vigour
  • Bespoke tests adapted to meet your data requirements
  • Studies conducted in GLP-compliant facilities.

Ecotoxicology services: terrestrial non-target plant

You can choose from a range of routine and more complex studies, including:

OECD 208

Seedling emergence and seedling growth test

Your product is sprayed onto the soil surface under greenhouse conditions. The emergence and early growth of seedlings are closely observed and measured, in relation to a control group, to assess the impact of your product.

OECD 208 (modified)

This is an extended plant test with a more realistic exposure scenario for veterinary medicinal products, via manure.

OECD 227

Vegetative vigour test

This test assesses the impact of your product on the above-ground portions of non-target plants, under controlled glasshouse conditions. The effects of your product on the plants are observed and measured in relation to a control group, over a set time period.

Bespoke residue services

Our routine tests can be adapted to suit your particular data requirements. Other tests we can conduct include seed treatment dissipation and uptake studies, under laboratory, glasshouse or semi-field conditions.

For more information on our bespoke services, please get in touch.

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