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If you are a company developing veterinary products or plant protection products (PPPs), it’s essential that you fully assess the risks posed by your products to the wider environment and natural ecosystems. In the face of ever-tightening regulation and restrictions on the chemical options available, Fera ecotoxicology services can help you to develop effective, sustainable products that minimise ecosystem impacts and pollution, while maximising the beneficial effects for crops, plants and animals.

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Fera is your perfect partner for GLP compliant livestock metabolism and residue studies with radiolabelled and non-radiolabelled chemicals. Investigations into absorption and excretion can also beincluded in such studies..


Fera has a long track record of developing and providing ecotoxicology services to support environmental risk assessments for companies developing plant-protection and veterinary products. Our scientists use their expertise, combined with advanced resources and GLP-compliant laboratories, to assess the impact of your products on aquatic plants and animals, terrestrial non-target plants, insects and microorganisms, bees and other pollinators. We work in partnership with you to devise and conduct the appropriate tests to provide the essential data you need for robust environmental risk assessments.

What is ecotoxicology?

Ecotoxicology is the study of the effects of toxic chemicals on biological organisms, particularly at the ecosystem level. The goal of ecotoxicology testing is to predict the effects of pollution, so that the most efficient and effective actions can be identified to prevent or remediate any detrimental effects.

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