Programme Management

  • The process starts by helping you to determine the most appropriate regulatory route for your product, whether REACH or BPR.
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Programme Management

Our scientists will guide you through the approval process, answering your questions, addressing requests from the regulatory authorities and helping you with any evaluation or compliance checks.

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  • Determine best regulatory route
  • Strategic advice and guidance
  • Negotiations with other parties to obtain Letter of Access (LoA)
  • Attendance at pre-submission meetings

Fera's Program Management Service

Our experienced consultants will determine the approval status of your active substances, and evaluate the uses of your products or chemicals. We specialise in providing scientific expertise to support the registration of substances of potential concern to the environment, and we offer a range of environmental risk assessment studies to ensure you provide the data required for successful registration under today’s increasingly stringent regulations.

If other companies are involved in providing chemical ingredients for your product, we can manage negotiations with them to obtain a Letter of Access (LoA) to your registration. Our specialists can also attend pre-submission meetings with the regulatory authority, to help you answer questions and prepare for dossier submission.

For more information on our program management service, please get in touch.

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