Water Quality Test

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Water Quality Test
  • Method Used
    Bacterial Isolations
  • Minimum Sample
    500 ml
  • Minimum no. of samples required
  • Standard Turnaround
    10 working days

Isolation and count of plant pathogenic bacteria in water.

Water quality is important given the plethora of uses within modern cultivation systems, be this wash solutions or irrigation systems, to name a few.

To ensure our analysis is accurate we require all samples to be received within 24 hours of sampling.

Submitting your Sample

When submitting your sample please follow the guidelines outlined within our sample shipping information.

The relevant signed sample submission form must be included (in a separate bag if sample is damp); failure to send a sample submission form may result in a delay of your sample being tested and make diagnosis more difficult. To help us process your samples in the most efficient way please fill in as much information as possible on the relevant form below. Please ensure you provide your email address, 'Your Ref', 'Purchase order no' and 'Name and Address for Invoice' in the sections where applicable.

Download the sample submission form here



Method Used

Bacterial Isolation

Sample Information

500ml Water - Water needs to be sampled in clear plastic bottles and transported at a cool temperature / ALL SAMPLES MUST BE RECEIVED WITHIN 24 HOURS OF SAMPLING

Parameters Tested


Turnaround Time

10 working days

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