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Big Soil Community

Join the Big Soil Community today and secure your sampling kit and analysis. Just click 'Add to Basket' to confirm your sampling kit and analysis slot. Please be aware that as this is an automated process you will receive email communication confirming your order and asking you to send in your sample, please DO NOT DO THIS as further details will follow from us.

With the launch of the Big Soil Community, Fera is taking a novel approach to the way one of the big challenges to sustainable agriculture is overcome. By coordinating a community effort to sample and analyse the biodiversity of our soil microbial communities at scale, in a cost-effective and timely manner. Unpicking the complexity of soil biology will provide insight into the contribution and promise that these communities offer soil health and sustainable agriculture.

Launched at Cereals 2018, farmers will be invited to sign up to the initiative so that by September sampling can begin. Individual and summary reports are being supplied in December and a full publication of results in January.

The aim of the Big Soil Community is to coordinate the sampling and analysis of soil bacteria and fungi from across a wide range of farms. This collective activity provides a rich benchmark of how these biological populations change across different farming systems.

If you would like to know more about the Big Soil Community, then click the link below.

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Big Soil Community

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