Postgraduate Research

Through our long- term research commitment to deliver innovation across strategically important industry sectors, Fera offer a range of PhD studentships to grow the specialist skills base required within the agri-food sector.

Postgraduate Research

The Institute for Agri-Food and Innovation (IAFRI) is a joint venture between Fera and Newcastle University to house targeted post graduate research programmes. World-leading research activities at IAFRI made relevant by industry experts enables Fera to develop extensive new solutions, techniques, skills and best practices in agri-food and environment. Fera Science Ltd has an excellent and long-standing track record of supporting PhD studentships.

Institute for Agri-Food Research and Innovation (IAFRI)


As part of our longer-term research commitment, IAFRI will work to safeguard and grow the specialist skills base needed to sustain a vibrant agri-food sector in the UK.  This will be achieved through a combination of a targeted PhD training programme, as well as postgraduate and Continuing Professional Development training.

We are currently recruiting for the PhD projects below- starting in January 2024.

For more information and details on how to apply, please follow the links below.

PhD : Using multiplex-amplicon sequencing for broad spectrum targeted detection of plant viruses and vectors


                                Start Date                      Application Closing Date

                           1st January 2024                       23rd October 2023


Interested in understanding how rapid sequencing technology can help the UK protect against alien pests and diseases? Working in collaboration with Defra, this PhD will investigate the potential of nanopore sequencing to rapidly detect plant pathogens and their vectors. 

The aims of the studentship would be to:

(1) Investigate the detection of whole genomes and their use as a proxy indication of pathogen viability, using a tiled amplicon sequencing approach for the detection and identification of tomato brown rugose fruit virus, including comparing the results for biologically viable and non-viable virus.

(2) The simultaneous detection and sequence confirmation of suites of pathogens and pests, using multiplexed amplicon sequencing approach for the detection of viruses in soft fruits.


Click the link above to find out how you can apply!


PhD studentships at Fera are a fantastic opportunity if you are ambitious, eager for a challenge and want to push yourself to new heights with a career in industry. They provide the opportunity to gain the skills and the confidence you need to progress within in your career.

Working with our extensive network of academic partners, Fera have an excellent record of supporting PhD students and offer a range of studentships to grow the specialist skills base required.

Achieving your PhD with Fera will provide you with a real insight in scientific research from the industry perspective.

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