Crop Health

Protecting plants and the environment from pests and diseases in a world where conventional options have been dramatically reduced or become ineffective can be a rewarding role.

Crop Health

We Are Recruiting!

The Plant Health diagnostics teams are recruiting a significant number of new roles to support the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs biosecurity activities. There will be an increase in pest and disease samples coming from Plant Health inspections once the UK has left the EU in 2021 and we are taking on a range of roles from junior/trainee diagnosticians to experienced senior scientists as well as new team managers. This is an exciting opportunity to join an innovative science organisation and contribute to the biosecurity of the UK. .

Do you want to be part of the solution ?

With over 100 years’ experience of delivering pest and disease identification services to a wide range of commercial growers and Government departments, both in the UK and overseas, we devise and deliver innovative products and services to improve productivity, efficiency and sustainability.

As pioneers in new diagnostic approaches and analytical science we undertake high quality research and provide ingenious solutions and advice on the epidemiology and control of plant diseases in agriculture, horticulture and the natural environment to support farmers, growers and the food industry to improve yields and reduce costs.

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Fera offers a suite of crop health services and expertise:

  • Pathology R&D
  • Invertebrate pest management R&D
  • Developing alternative pesticides
  • Soil health unit
  • Crop testing
  • Grower support tools
  • Insect monitoring

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