Chemical Regulation

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Chemical Regulation

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Fera works closely with plant protection, biocide, animal health and chemical manufacturers to help develop effective, sustainable and safe products that enhance output whilst minimising adverse environmental impacts.

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We work across:

  • Ecotoxicology
  • Environmental Fate
  • Livestock metabolism and residue studies
  • Efficacy Services
  • Post-market Stewardship
  • Consultancy

Original thinking…applied to serve the agro-chem and veterinary medicines industries

In 2018 we designed and built Europes first full flow-through Mesocosm outdoor laboratory. It will provide our partners with a facility that is a realistic, but closely controlled, facsimile of edge-of-field surface waters that can be exposed to novel products in a real-world scenario to ensure the safety of aquatic habitats and the entire local eco-system.

This unique facility represents a leap forward in the support of Higher Tier Risk Assessments. The new E-Flows mesocosm provides a unique test-bed to provide robust data to demonstrate efficacy and safety. This ground breaking project for the UK Crop Health & Protection's (CHAP) Centre was supported by Innovate UK and developed, designed, managed & operated by Fera. 

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