Barley yellow dwarf virus and Soil borne cereal mosaic virus

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<em>Barley yellow dwarf virus</em> and <em>Soil borne cereal mosaic virus</em>
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BYDV can cause stunting, discolouration and early infections can lead to the death of patches of the crop. These symptoms lead to direct yield loss. This yield loss can be mitigated through early diagnosis and subsequent control of aphids moving in the crop. Soil borne cereal mosaic virus also causes discolouration and stunting, leading to yield loss.

The early symptoms of both of these viruses can resemble environmental/nutrient stress. Understanding the difference early through the use of this diagnostic test will ensure the most appropriate decisions can be made.

Barley yellow dwarf virus (BYDV) is the most widely distributed viral disease of cereals, affecting many economically important crops. This virus is transmitted by various species of cereal aphid and exists as several different strains. The risk of significant infection has increased with the combination of the widespread early sowing of winter cereals and the recent mild winters as this allows the aphids to arrive into the crop and then for populations to develop and spread.

Soil-borne cereal mosaic virus can also be highlighted using this test. This virus is transmitted by the soil-borne Polymyxa graminis and can cause significant yield loss across a range of cereal crops. Affecting all types of cereals, these viruses are known to reduce yield by up to 50%.

The risk of BYDV spread in the crop is directly related to the arrival and subsequent spread of cereal aphids. We provide an insect monitoring service which allows you to understand this risk and deal with it appropriately.

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Barley yellow dwarf virus and Soil borne cereal mosaic virus

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