Read Holly's Journey

Holly Steel, 21

Leeds Trinity University

Level 6 Digital Marketing Apprenticeship

"Starting my apprenticeship was defintiley the best decsion I could have made for myself to further my education and skilset in a combined academic and practical environment. I am not academically minded, so an apprenticeship for me was a great opotion for to learn on the job and be able to practice what I learn in the classroom, in the workplace."

Why did you choose this route instead of full time study or university?

I chose to go into an apprenticeship because after deferring my university acceptance, I realised I was not academically minded or focused to carry out 4 years of study in a university environement. I found out that there were apprenticeships for almost anything so I researched marketing and graphic design to see what was out there and found so many different options! I pursued marketing and found this would be the best way to get experience in the industry as I had no previous qualifications in business or marketing as well as studying alongside the work to gain academic experience and knowledge.

When did you start your apprenticeship and where did you find out about this vacancy

I started my apprenticeship with Fera in 2021 after finding the vacancy on Indeed. 

What tasks are you involved with?

I am involved with a wide variety of different tasks across the business and in my team. I support my team with campaigns, shadowing and getting insight on how they operate across the business, this involves sitting in on meetings with camapign managers and their business development mnaagers to understand current progress and next steps from a marketing perspective.

I mainly manage the events Fera attends which includes meetings with business development managers, creating digitial content for socials and emails, as well as organising the stand itself with materials and finances.

How has the apprenticeship training helped you in your job role / career?

I feel the apprenticeship so far has given me mostly insight to the working industry, I have been able to expereince team meetings, campaign meetings, attend events and be exposed to the work we do here at Fera all whilst practicing in the workplace, what I learn on the job and at university. Being able to work and learn at the same time has given me the life skills I need at a much younger age than those who go to university, I have been taught time management, budgeting (in the workplace and outside), responsibility of campaigns and the opportunity to discuss my career progression frequently with my line manager to ensure the work I am doing is propelling me beyond the apprenticeship as well.

How have you personally developed since becoming an apprentice?

I feel I have gained a lot of skills working here at Fera. I have been able to improve my communication skills with staff internal to the business as well as externally to suppliers and events officers. I have developed my time management skills although still learning! But it has been an experience I am grateful for as I would not have the insight and industry knowledge I do, had I gone to university!

What advice would you give to others considering an apprenticeship?

I would say, consider an apprenticeship if you're not sure what you might want to do. University can be a big pressure to decide whether you want to go or not and if you pick a subject that isn't right for you, you're stuck in the middle with the costs and not knowing where to go next! 

An apprenticeship is a great option for trying something new, gaining real life expereicne and getting paid at the same time! 

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