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Data Services

Business Intelligence - Fera Data Services

Fera has been serving the Agri-food industry for over 100 years and within that time has built up a significant amount of data intelligence from pesticide usage across the UK to emerging & increasing global food supply issues. You can now access all these data sets in a format that allows you to read, store and enrich this data to inform your own business decisions.

This means you can gain access to thousands of data sets across crop protection, fertilisers and agri-food commodities which includes data on patterns, trends, hazards and much more.  Our API can be directly connected to clients’ internal tools and databases with access to proprietary forecasts as well as years of history. 

Fera Science Ltd (Fera), pioneers in original thinking applied, driving innovative products and techniques to identify and detect emerging threats earlier across agri-food science. This data is now available via APIs.

Fera Intelligence - Available as APIs


Nearly 30 years of pesticide usage from CRD (Chemical Regulation Division) funded surveys. In-depth data on each crop (weight, area & percentage treated with specific active substances).

Crop Protection

Over 650 Active Ingredients within Fungicides, Herbicides and Insecticides sectors. Data includes different pesticides that cover all major crops across the world. 

Food Supply Chain Commodities

Over 500 data sets available across all major global commodities. Available is historical data collected daily for the last 15 years from 180+ countries, covering 22,000+ suppliers and major food supply chain hazards.

 Data sets available 

Pesticide Use


This data set presents pesticide usage relating to GB from 1990 onwards and for the UK from 2010 onwards. The programme of surveys are commissioned by the independent Expert Committee on Pesticides and funded by the CRD. Data is collected by Fera, the Scottish Agricultural Science Agency and the Agri-Food and Biosciences Institute of Northern Ireland.

Pesticide Use

Crop Protection

Daily updated data designed to give agronomists, growers and the fresh produce trade rapid access to pesticide approvals, label information and pesticide Maximum Residue Limits (MRLs). We cover over 650 active ingredients within the fungicides, herbicides and insecticides sectors.

Food Integrity

Agri-food Commodities

Raw data from hundreds of Global Official Sources collected daily for the last 15 years covering over 500 Commodities, 180 countries, 22,000 suppliers and hazards, from Food Fraud to Allergens and Microbes.  This data powers our global food safety issues tool, Horizonscan supporting our clients avoid potential issues every day.            

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Pesticide Use


Submit an enquiry today to discuss one of our API & Data Feed services and we will have an expert talk you through how they work and how you can start to benefit from this application, answering your questions along the way.

Pesticide Use


For more information on our API & Data Feed services, download our infographic here and follow up with any questions you have: Call: (UK) +44 0300 100 0323 or email:

Food Integrity


If you need specific data and expert analysis why not speak to one of our team to discuss your requirements and see how they could help you take decisions with confidence.

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