Aphid Monitoring

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Standard Price per sample £500.00
up to 1

Aphid Monitoring

Aphid monitoring in seed potatoes purchase applying up to 31st March 2023

£500 = 1 Trap and 10 Samples

Includes provision of a yellow water trap, sample pots to send samples to us in, and 1st class reply-paid plastic envelopes. We will analyse up to 10 samples per trap site and report numbers of potato virus transmitting aphids by species (the list of species to be identified is available on the website or by request). Results will be reported by email on the same day that we receive samples. Also included is access to the aphid monitoring website and access to sign-up for email and text alerts of 1st Myzus persicae (Peach-Potato Aphid) found by region and high virus pressure by region (selectable threshold for alerts), and for weekly summary reports by email.

Please note: you will be asked to accept an End User Licence Agreement which prohibits sharing data with non-subscribers when you first access the website.

How to order your traps

  1. Add to cart
  2. Create an account or Log in
  3. Sample type - Select Aphids
  4. Add your own customer sample reference
  5. Arrival date - Select one week from today's date
  6. Select 'United Kingdom'
  7. Add any notes you may have
  8. Number of samples: Select how many traps you want to purchase
  9. Save Sample
  10. Continue
  11. Add to cart 
  12. Proceed to checkout
    1. You do not need to print and submit your submission form.

Please Note:

  • Please DO NOT complete the sample submission as requested when you have completed your purchase and in your purchase confirmation email. You will receive a separate email with a form to send us farm and field information. Please complete this before you send us your first sample.
  • Access to the website will be available from the beginning of April - you will receive all service details, including website access once the service has been purchased.

Any questions please email: aphidmon@fera.co.uk

Aphid Monitoring

Subtotal £500.00

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