Time of Flight

Time of Flight (ToF) methods use a non-targeted approach to improve the overall chemical picture of a sample.

Time of Flight

These instruments have extensive uses within screening samples for multiple contaminants, or profiling samples for analysis at a later time. This is possible due to the large dataset that has been accrued from historic ToF Mass Spectrometry (MS) gathered over countless tests. This data can be used retrospectively, within a large amount of non-targeted studies, including environmental contaminants studies.

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ToF offers many advantages and its range of uses is extensive across all of Feras food testing capabilities. It is used as a first port of call for screening or profiling, as well as providing a robust method for non-targeted testing in tandem with quadropole and other non-targeted methods.

ToF records to accurate mass giving the level of detail needed when identifying chemical compounds to produce complete and useful reports.

The analysis allows pinpoint identification of veterinary medicine residues where ToF accurate mass advantages come into their own. Our vet-med analysis can provide the definitive answers you need to highlight any contamination in your foodstuffs as a result of veterinary medicines in the food chain.

ToF in Gas Chromatography

Our Gas Chromatography Quadrupole Time-of-Flight (GC Q-TOFMS) allows us to measure volatile molecules over and above that of generic Gas Chromatography machines. With the extra coverage gained as a result of using two methods, overall results are noticeably more complete with even more accurate conclusions able to be drawn from the results.

This allows us to pinpoint offending substances which can in-turn be managed and controlled by your quality control methods, protecting your product quality, and by extension, brand image.

Fera are invaluable to the continued innovation of molecule measurement technologies with regular involvement in the Research and Development of new techniques, through confirmatory studies and aiding in manufacturer research notes.

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