Feras Liquid Chromatography (LC) Capability

Fera utilise Liquid Chromatography (LC) across most of the food testing we offer. We have invested heavily in the latest technologies to continue working to the lowest limits of detection.

Feras Liquid Chromatography (LC) Capability

Feras leading multiresidue methods of analysis allow previously unattainable efficiencies within residue analysis. These efficiencies are most predominant within innovative pesticide detection methods where 315 residues can be detected within a single sample extract.

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These efficiencies can be found throughout our testing capabilities, with innovative methods providing direct cost savings. We can detect more residues in less tests, giving you the best deal when screening your products, especially through non-targeted analysis methods.

These efficiencies also provide an extremely detailed picture of the residues that can be identified and quantified, improving the overall chemical snapshot Fera can provide, leading to complete results with exceptional clarity and detail. Our reports have the detail you need and give clear guidance for the decisions you may need to take to protect your product quality, and brand image as a result.

As global food production scales up, there is a sustained and increasing strain on the quality of food produced, as well as quantity. This can lead to a higher risk of contamination within your foodstuffs that in undetected can cause expensive product recalls and sometimes extreme loss of face.

By using Fera you can continually maintain your product quality, highlight any areas of improvement or contamination that may have occurred, and identify any areas of risk throughout your production methods or packaging procedures.

LC is used as the backbone of Feras testing capabilities. It provides numerous opportunities to develop multi-discipline approaches, marrying technologies to produce complete analysis of both known and unknown contaminants.

Our pesticide residue tests utilise this approach by employing LC as the basis of our analysis, with Gas Chromatography (GC) techniques accenting these results to provide our customers with a complete overall picture of their samples, giving complete confidence in our results.

With the ability to test for so many residues, our tests are sure to pinpoint any issues you may have within your production processes.

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