Isotope Ratio Mass Spectrometer

Utilising innovative technology Fera can validate the authenticity of food claims you may have, be it feeding/rearing methods, or the geographic origin of foodstuffs.

Isotope Ratio Mass Spectrometer

We use IRMS for stable isotope ratio analysis (SIRA), primarily within the area of food authenticity, including the determination of geographical origin.

Using this innovative method food adulteration can be swiftly identified. High profile cases are usually in the form of false food claims, such as corn fed chicken, or Scotch Beef.

Fera owns or has access to a range of stable isotope databases. Particularly, we are proud in holding the only extensive UK beef database, which has been developed into a web tool.

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The IRMS is not restricted to food. In contrast it is invaluable to identifying chaptalized wine, where processed sugar is added to wine to increase the alcohol content, as opposed to the sugar from the grapes themselves. This reduces the quality of the wine, but greatly reduces the cost of creation.

Our facilities allow us to analyse for all 5 light stable isotopes: hydrogen, oxygen, carbon, nitrogen and sulfur. Our food authenticity capabilities produce positive, or negative results in increasingly short time frames.

The stable isotope team specialises in natural abundance measurements of the bio-elements (HCNOS) to establish the authenticity and origin of foods and other materials, where provenance and traceability are of importance.

With an abundance of real world applications stable isotope analysis plays a major role in combatting food adulteration & false food claims. Using these methods, we can identify feeding and rearing regimes, distinguish between synthetic and natural flavours, and prove fruit juices to be from concentrate or freshly squeezed.

We also collaborates with other Fera colleagues and apply stable isotope analysis to determining origin of nuisance (e.g. house fly) or invasive (e.g. Asian Longhorn beetle) species.

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